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                hris Nicholas is regarded as one of the world's best                   professional Santa Clauses. He is a full time                             internationally acclaimed entertainer who has                         worked with some of the most famous names in the entertainment industry, having performed in many of the world’s most prestigious venues, from London's West End to the 50,000 seat RAI Stadium in Amsterdam.

He has been the Santa Claus to Hollywood A-listers, Royalty, TV, Movies, Parliament and some of the most high profile businesses and private individuals in the world. His performances as Father Christmas have spanned the globe. Incredibly, he has even performed as Santa in Antarctica on Christmas Day; possibly the only professional Santa to have done so.

It is hard to believe that a Santa Claus could tick so many boxes! Chris is a professional actor, international classical singer, magician and comedy entertainer who has been entertaining audiences all over the world, for many years.


Santa Chris even has eight real-life reindeer available for your event (click here). 

His look, voice (both talking and singing), larger than life personality and jolly demeanour, combined with his many entertaining qualities are so extraordinary, almost everyone who meets Chris Nicholas concludes that he is quite simply Santa Claus himself...maybe he really is?

Chris takes being Santa very seriously. All aspects of his look, suits, acting and speaking are consistent with that of a Hollywood movie standard and as a result, Chris has truly perfected ‘the art of being Santa’.

Although he has a cheery and attention-grabbing personality, Chris Nicholas equally has a gentle and professional approach with young children and is, of course, fully CRB/DBS certified

(click here).

For individuals and companies who require a Santa Claus hire UK and London based and need someone truly special for Christmas, believe that the image, symbolism and representation of Santa Claus is important, Chris Nicholas is the answer!

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"This has to be the best Santa Claus hire, not just in London or the UK but possibly the world! Father Christmas is no longer a myth or a legend. He is very real and his name is Chris Nicholas."              

                                                              -Encore Magazine.

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All Bookings Are Subject To Our Terms & Conditions

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