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Proudly Presents:

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Santa Chris Nicholas has lots of friends
& Christmas-themed extras to join him at your event!

The One-Stop Shop For All Your Luxury
Christmas Character & Festive Display Needs

Alongside Santa Chris Nicholas,
We Also Offer...

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Experienced Elf
Actors & Performers

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Professional Actresses As Santa's Lovely Wife



Up to Eight Magnificent Reindeer With Handlers

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Hollywood Standard
Movie Sleigh



Industrial Pro Snow Machines 



Beautiful Bespoke
Christmas Props


A Wide Selection Of
Princesses & Performers


The Grinch

Ultra Realsitic Professional
Grinch Impersonator  

Plus Much, Much More!

Some of Our Clients

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We Specialise in Supplying Event Companies, Hotels, Retailers & Private Individuals All Over The UK 

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We are regularly tasked with providing experienced performers to play a range of Christmas Elf roles depending on the scenario agreed with clients.

Our Elf performers are professionally trained, qualified actors of exceptional quality. They are well-versed in working with children and know exactly how to enhance any Santa Claus experience.

All our Elf performers have the ideal appearance for the role, enhanced by our makeup team (with particular detail to prosthetic elf ears) and professional luxury Elf costumes.

Anchor - Mrs Claus

Mrs. Claus


We offer a selection of seasoned professional actresses experienced in playing the role of Mrs Claus. Our actresses are perfect in appearance and age. Mrs Claus makes the ideal accompaniment alongside Santa Chris Nicholas with an interaction filled with lots of comedy and fun.


Our actresses are fully DBS certified, and all appear in full luxury costumes. Many of our Mrs Claus are well-known West end performers and have appeared in famous TV and Movies.


Santa's Sleigh

Anchor - Sleigh
Sleigh Good edit.png

Experience this unique and extraordinary Hollywood-grade Santa Sleigh at your event for a real talking point with your customers and guests.


Why not join Santa in his sleigh for a one-off Christmas photo opportunity?


The sleigh is transported and installed by our specialist team. This unique sleigh was custom-built by leading movie designers and looks even more incredible alongside Santa's reindeer.


The Grinch

Mrs. Claus


Oh, the who-manity! Santa Chris Nicholas, arch enemy - The Grinch is sure to crash your next private Christmas party or corporate event! The Grinch’s days of wallowing in self-pity have ended, and now he is ready to embrace the holidays, festive celebrations and every person, no matter how big or small, so he’s decided to join Santa Chris and the team.

Our luxury Grinch is the perfect addition to your Christmas event. Combined with Santa, it creates a magical experience the whole family will enjoy.

With high-quality costumes and acting as good as the Jim Carrey classic movie, our Grinch is sure to make an unforgettable Christmas memory!


Santa's Reindeer

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Visit Our Reindeer Page Here:


Snow Machines

Anchor - Snow

You no longer have to dream of a white Christmas on your special day! Designed for outdoor events, our snow machines utilise a large, high-output fan to project the snowflakes up to 10 metres into the air with adjustable output.

Now the magical experience of snowfall at Christmas can happen at your event care of our team.


Props & Scenery

Anchor - Props

We design, create and install personalised festive displays for your event that ensures our clients get exactly what they want and are the talk of the town.

From luxury interior trees and garlands to high-impact external lighting and bespoke feature pieces, we cater to all tastes.


Our service is designed to make your Christmas event as easy and stress-free as possible.

Anchor - Princess

Princesses & Other Entertainers

2878hop - Copy.jpg

We can provide a wide variety of entertainers from stilt walkers, singers, jugglers, performing elves and more. 


We offer a wide range of classic fairytale princesses who are also excited to bring a world of enchantment to your event.

Our princesses arrive in signature gorgeous gowns and have all the poise and personality of real-life royalty. With an authentic princess experience your child always wanted, it will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.


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