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TV Santa Claus for hire

Professional Santa Claus TV & Movie Actor

The most authentic, experienced & entertaining Santa Claus perfect for TV and Movies

Chris Nicholas offers a magical, authentic and sometimes hilarious Santa Claus character for both TV and the big screen.  

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The Best Santa Available For All TV Needs 

Brilliantly Entertaining Santa Claus For TV

                hris Nicholas is a breath of fresh, crisp, Christmas                      air for TV producers and casting agents across the                    globe. The professionalism and sheer talent of this                    incredible Santa Claus actor comes from a successful and long-established career as a full-time seasoned performer and public speaker.

A fully trained actor, presenter and international classical singer, the versatility that Santa Chris Nicholas offers the TV and movie world knows no bounds. Santa Chris Nicolas has worked in many Santa Claus actor for TV and movie roles and is highly experienced, fully understanding how the magic of an on-screen Santa works.

Although Santa Chris Nicholas is a highly experienced entertainer, he also recognises that Santa is not always the star of the show when it comes to TV and movies. Often the value that Santa gives is in supporting the main personalities or characters on set to make them look good and create scenes that bring joy, laughter, and magic to the audience.

When working as a Santa Claus TV presenter, he can convey a plethora of Santa personas, from the comical and jolly old Santa Claus TV personality to the dramatic, old, wise, and loving Father Christmas.  Santa Chris Nicholas’ diverse performing skills mean he can act in TV comedy roles and hilarious cameo appearances as well as putting all his acting training into full dramatic roles as Santa Claus for movies.
Often when TV producers and casting agents are looking for a Santa Claus television personality it is important to work with a Santa actor who really understands the needs of producers and directors alike and will work seamlessly with them to ensure they get the perfect result from the shoot.


Santa Chris Nicholas fully appreciates the professional value of Santa-related appearances, promotion of commercial products, enjoyment, and entertainment of audiences of all ages - he is a Santa Claus for TV and movies who will deliver a top performance time and time again.

With his brilliantly funny and natural wit, coupled with his extensive background as a comedy performer, Santa Chris Nicholas is your first-choice professional and reliable Santa Claus for TV appearances and the most authentic and talented dramatic actor for the silver screen.  

Santa Claus actor for TV and movies

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All Bookings Are Subject To Our Terms & Conditions

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