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Santa Claus in Luxury Costume

Chris Nicholas; The Incredible Looking Santa Claus

Best looking Santa Claus
Chis Nicholas 1.png

                 he costumes of Chris Nicholas are true works of                      art; authentic, beautiful and ornate Santa suits of                  the highest calibre. Chris’s make-up consultants                      and stylists are the same ones used in many Hollywood blockbusters such as Harry Potter and Pirates Of The Caribbean. The end result is a truly authentic and magical Santa Claus.

Chris has a range of looks available to clients from the traditional Coca-Cola Santa style suit to costumes that reflect the ‘Old World’ and Victorian Father Christmas. 

Chris Nicholas' primary costume was designed and custom made by leading costumers of Hollywood, television and Broadway. This incredible suit weighs over 50lbs (23kgs) and features:


  • 24-carat gold-plated buttons featuring all the reindeer names.


  • Handmade leather boots with 18-carat gold boot buckles.

  • Handmade leather belt, made from the finest bridle leather, featuring beautiful ornate Christmas engravings and 24-carat gold-plated buckle with reindeer designs.

  • Premium German cotton velvet fabric with luxury arctic raccoon fur (faux).


  • Hand embroidered Christmas designs.

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