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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:  I would like to book Chris Nicholas for my event. How much will it cost?
A:  Each quote is individually based on your specific needs, time, date, and travel/distance and also reflects that Chris Nicholas is not just a first-class Santa Claus; he is a professional full-time entertainer. Our rate starts at £950 per appearance.

Q:  Does Chris Nicholas do private home visits?
A:  Yes. Including Christmas Eve/Day.

Q:  Where is Chris Nicholas based?
A:  Chris can appear anywhere in the world but is based in central London. 

Q:  When and how should I book?
A:  We work on a first-come, first-served basis and therefore strongly recommend that you book as early as possible to avoid disappointment, bearing in mind that it is not uncommon for Chris to take bookings up to two years in advance. Please get in touch to book (click here), and we'll always try to accommodate everyone as best we can—even for late bookings.

Q:   How long will Chris Nicholas be at our event?
A:   A typical appearance is one hour. Chris can tailor his appearance time subject to your requirements and availability

Q:  Can I talk directly with Chris about my event needs?
A:  Chris can always liaise directly with any client who has booked to discuss specific needs prior to the event.

Q:  Is Chris Nicholas CRB/DBS certified?
A:  Yes! Chris Nicholas is fully CRB, and DBS certified. Click here

Q:  Given that Chris Nicholas is an entertainer, can he perform in our show?
A:  Yes. Chris has a special Christmas act featuring many favourite Christmas songs, magic, audience participation and more. Click here

Q:  Does Chris Nicholas work outside of the UK?
A:  Yes. We are happy to negotiate appearances anywhere in the world. Chris Nicholas even appeared in Antarctica on Christmas Day. He has also appeared in Egypt, Brazil and Canada as 

Q:   Is Chris Nicholas available for TV and general commercial promotion?
A:  Yes. We are always happy to negotiate any suitable TV, photography and commercial business needs.

Q:  Can Chris offer contrasting Santa Claus looks?
A:  Yes. Chris has a variety of Santa suits, from the traditional Coca-Cola suit to Victorian Father                  Christmas. Unless you specifically request an alternative, Chris will attend all bookings wearing his impressive primary Santa Claus outfit.

All Bookings Are Subject To Our Terms & Conditions

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